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About Us


LawArchive.org is a unique legal information database containing more than 15 years’ worth of top-notch law reporting by the experienced journalists at Eli Research, Inc. Much more than a simple archive of past case citations, LawArchive.org is stocked with in-depth reports of noteworthy cases and insightful analysis of significant verdicts. Our unabridged content is culled from a dozen Eli Research publications on a myriad of law and litigation topics ranging from real estate law to bankruptcy law, product liability to contract law. The ultimate research tool, LawArchive.org puts at your fingertips clues to key case dynamics, judges’ reasoning, appeal successes and failures, contract drafting pitfalls, dispute resolution strategies — and more.


Who uses LawArchive.org? Our extensive and diverse content is a powerful resource for a variety of professionals, including:


  • Attorneys
  • Librarians
  • Compliance officers
  • Contract and claims consultants
  • ADR specialists
  • Managers in commonly litigated and highly regulated fields such as education, medical/healthcare, financial services, construction, real estate and subsidized housing
  • Government agencies at every level
  • Non-profit organizations


Why use LawArchive.org? Rather than sifting through lengthy case documents in search of clues, our subscribers can quickly and easily search our legal article database to find the information they need to:


  • Mitigate regulatory and litigation risk
  • Illustrate compliance to auditors/regulators
  • Train employees
  • Streamline and augment the legal research process
  • Draft smart contracts
  • Sidestep simple, procedural errors
  • Avoid unnecessary lawsuits (thanks to lessons from peers who did not)
  • File or fight a claim
  • Make convincing arguments before an arbitrator, a judge or a jury
  • Excel during any type of dispute resolution, armed with key understanding of the underlying legal issues


For any queries/comments/suggestions you might have, please call/mail:


Law Archive
2222 Sedwick Drive,
Durham, NC 27713
Toll free: (800) 223-8720
Fax: (585) 292-4392 


Kimberly Gilbert
Managing Editor





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